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es is vielleicht nicht jeda 1trag für kindachen geeignet, drum fragt vorsichtshalbe eure eltan oda sonstige

so nicht anderst angegeben
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24.1.2020 fr

hotel ibis nord glastür accor teppich sonnenschein

    10:43 "hotel ibis romamtic"
die matraze war angenehm hart
das zimmer rel ruhig (der aufzug is ums eck, das putzkraftversorgungszimmer neben an)
und standardsauber, das personal sehr freundlich
das dushen, wenn alle abends dushen, is "kneip-mäßig"
die temperatur shwankte ständig zw "aua, is das heiß" und "eisigkalt"
22.1.2020 mi

schnee snow winter ice eis straße street black

    17:02 manche können ja von shnee nicht genug bekommen
ich shon :)

for the people of Iraq,
for the people of the United States
and for the United Nations as an institution
it is also a tragic day for the future of our planet and for the children

30 000 of whom in the 3rd World will starve to death today
while we spend BILLIONS to wage this war
and 25 % of whom live in poverty in our own country
because we apparently lack the funds to provide them a minimal Standard of living

despite the fact that virtually the entire world has been united against Saddam Hussein a two bit, vicious dictator,
who illegally and brutally invaded Kuwait
the President concluded that there was no way of resolving this conflict
and achieving our goals other than waging a massive war, perhaps unprecedented in the history of the world in terms of the death and destruction wrought in its first day as a result of our aerial attacks

I DISAGREE with that assessment
there are 2 immediate concerns that I have regarding the current tragedy

1. despite the fact that we are now allied with such middle eastern governments as Syria, a terrorist dictatorship;
Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, feudalistic dictatorships;
and Egypt a one -party state which receives $ 7 BILLIONS in dept forgiveness to wage this war with us
I believe that in the long run, the action unleashed last night will go strongly AGAINST OUR INTERESTS clearly,
the United States and it’s allies will win this war but the DEATH and DESTRUCTION caused will NOT,
in my opinion, soon be forgotten by the 3rd world in general
and by the poor people of the middle east in particular
I fear very much,
that what we said yesterday is that war and the ENORMOUS DESTRUCTIVE power of our armed forces
is our preferred manner for dealing with the very complicated and terrible crises in the middle east
I fear
that some day we will regret that decision and that we are in fact,
laying the groundwork for more and more wars in that region in years to come

2. while there is no question in my mind that the United States government and its allies will win this war
I am not at all sure that the people of our country,
especially the working people, the poor people, and the elderly, will win
the 2 milhon homeless people in our country sleeping out on the sidewalks and under the bridges
are NOT going to win this war, there will be no money available to house them
the tens of millions of Americans who cannot afford health care today
are NOT going to win this war
there will be no money available for their needs
nor will the children or the elderly who in all probability will see
cutbacks in their social security and their medical care checks in Order to fund it

it is incumbent upon us to do everything in our power now that the war has started to prevent unnecessary bloodshed
and the support our troops in the most basic way: by BRINGING THEM HOME ALIVE & WELL
i urge my fellow members to ask the President to STOP the bombing immediately
and request that the secretary-general of the United nations
go to iraq to begin immediately negotiations for the withdrawal of Iraq from Kuwait
and the cessation of the war let us do everything in our power to STOP bloodshed
thank you
bernie sanders

17.1.2020 fr

jesus rettet die curry wurst notfall sammelplatz concrete beton grau

    16:15  !SIE HATS VADIENT!
senecas zeitmanagement

nach jahrtausenden immer noch brauchbar

7.1.2020 di

    12:25 links is real
eiszapfen oder gefrorenes wassa mal senkrecht
"Ästhetisch einwandfrei, Dein Winter." Gerhard

(besser als ein stein am kopf)
küßchen 4 jupu

5.1.20 so

sun angel sky wolke winter snow shnee gegenlicht


kurzes youtube video

2.1.2020 do


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